Albrecht's  Spanish  Arabians 
Wess Albrecht 
3231 Garden Ave. 
Los Angeles, CA 90405 
(310) 403-8986
Albrecht's Spanish Arabians consists of a small breeder who focuses on quality, not quantity.  Early on I realized the value of the mare lines and have chosen my breeding stock accordingly.  My mares are not only beautiful themselves, but have pedigrees filled with beautiful dams and grand dams.  I have used the sires *Makorr, *Sidi-Brahim, and Cimero.  This brings the old Spanish bloodlines of Galero, Jacio, *GG Samir, Zangano, *Barich de Washoe, and *Almansor up close as the grandsires of my horses.

Please take a look at my new Spanish sensation, Sidsational AA and the bevy of beautiful mares that will be bred to him in the upcoming years.  If you see a horse that strikes your fancy, please give me a call.  I love to speak Spanish (Arabians, that is)!

Wess Albrecht
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